Starting off the week on a very sad note, our Podcast section is still not up and available, which means our listeners will have to check out the link below rather than find us on iTunes (it's coming soon, we promise!).

Hopefully negating that sad note, Episode Three takes a look at what SWLCG things we enjoyed in 2013 and what SWLCG things we are most excited for in 2014, along with our final views on the Balance of the Force set.  Joining us this week is guest commentator Zack, and our very special guest artist Tony Foti.  Tony Foti's art can be seen throughout Star Wars: The Living Card Game on cards like Han Solo, Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader and more!

Epsiode Four will air January 20th.

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Anyone wanting Tony Foti to sign cards, please submit what you would like autographed to the address below and make sure to include a self-addressed stamped return envelope so he can return your cards back to you:

Tony Foti
755 14th Ave, Apt 206
Santa Cruz, CA 95062